The 2018 Nebulas have come and gone, with a fantastic selection of authors nominated and awarded, but what was really on my mind in Pittsburgh that weekend was a great deal less to do with the awards ceremony and the convention (to which I was not an attendee, but rather a hanger-on) and rather more …

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Game Review: reset/you (⭑⭑⭑⭑/⭒)

TITLE: reset/you SYSTEM: any pc (windows/linux/mac) GENRE: yuri visual novel RATING: T—there's some mentions of graphic violence and cursing RUNTIME: ~2hrs for all endings TRIGGER WARNINGS: chronic illness, death of a loved one, blood/gore, dehumanization/depersonalization I played supercircuit's first game, Metamorphoser 1.0, last year shortly after it was released. supercircuit is just awesome—her games deal …

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